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ONE Gamer issue 139
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ONE Gamer Interactive
ONE Gamer Interactive
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18:25, Yesterday
Okay, so the headline pretty much covers the basics, but there's bonus content for all and potential discounts for PC gamers ahead of Tropico 5's release next month. Oh, and a new trailer to boot.
15:05, Yesterday
Web-slinging sticky-limb'd superhero drops off Xbox One release list
14:53, 16th Apr
“If my voice can be connected with a game that's and so hip and hood that says a lot. It's associated with greatness.”
14:57, 15th Apr
New maps, new characters, new items and no requirement to splash cash
14:17, 14th Apr
Respawn's shooter is back at number one in the all-formats charts thanks to the success of its Xbox 360 incarnation and new maps are on the way
12:49, 7th Apr
By "plans" you might as well imagine that the coproration is just pondering the problem
18:17, 4th Apr
Microsoft has acknowledged a five-year-old American boy after he found a glitch in his dad's Xbox Live service - officially crediting him as a 'security researcher'.
14:46, 4th Apr
A game application for the technology gets demo'd at this year's Build conference - but will Xbox One owners be left day dreaming of such intense console usage?
18:03, 3rd Apr
Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor has been dated for an 07 October release later this year - we've got a new trailer to prove it and the obligatory pre-order incentives.
15:15, 3rd Apr
Extras will become available this week with more becoming available during spring
16:00, 2nd Apr
Be happy - Phil Spencer is now king of Microsoft's console department, SmartGlass has been updated, and some lucky raffle winners can now check out the UK's One Guide for TV and then fix it for the rest of us
13:20, 1st Apr
New versions of the post-apocalyptic shooters leaked by an Italian website now confirmed by the developer and publisher, so get your gas masks ready
14:34, 31st Mar
Either an Xbox Community Manager has a terrible sense of humour or Games for Gold will be offering some AAA action on April the 1st
16:06, 28th Mar
There's something coming to COD: Ghosts, and it ain't no man
17:57, 27th Mar
A long-touted Reputation system is finally coming to the Xbox One, and persistent bad boys (and girls) may find their gaming experiences limited as punishment.
14:08, 27th Mar
Crytek's free-to-play Xbox 360 shooter is now available for all to enjoy who enjoy playing beta builds of free-to-play shooters
10:33, 27th Mar
We still don’t know when it’s coming, or what’ll be in it, but we know how much Titanfall’s DLC will cost – and we know that new game modes are completely separate and will be downloadable free…
15:07, 26th Mar
Thief and Tomb Raider will be available to download for half price this weekend, and right now Xbox 360 owners can grab a few bargains too.
08:58, 26th Mar
The latest issue of ONE Gamer is out now, featuring a huge preview of Kinect Sports Rivals, an ultra-rare studio visit to Rare, a first look at Batman: Arkham Knight and the verdict on Metal Gear Ground Zeroes, which may be the best Gear ever!
14:55, 25th Mar
Electronic Arts has been looking at Warner Bros. treatment of the Caped Crusader for inspiration for the next generation of Star Wars games
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