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10:44, 20th Aug
Getting on two decades(!) after the Rare classic was released, former James Bond star Pierce Brosnan picked up an N64 controller and played as himself in a one-on-one GoldenEye deathmatch against Jimmy Fallon…
16:10, 13th Aug
Which consoles are getting what exclusives? Click on and find right out.
14:32, 13th Aug
Microsoft blew gamers’ minds when it announced that Rise of the Tomb Raider would be an Xbox exclusive, with PlayStation owners only getting. But now it turns out that it might not be so exclusive after all…
12:00, 17th Jul
Activision became the biggest indie games company in the world when it bought its freedom from former parent company Vivendi last year. But in the process, it has been revealed that Bobby Kotick almost lost his job...
08:52, 14th Jul
EVO 2014 saw Bandai Namco announce Tekken 7, powered by Unreal Engine 4. What this means for the long overdue Tekken x Street Fighter is anybody's guess...
15:47, 9th Jul
In an industry filled with token pre-order "incentives", we'd say Alien: Isolation is doing things just about right.
13:14, 3rd Jul
The first fail for the Lego formula
15:01, 2nd Jul
It's not Borderlands 3, but it's still fully loaded
10:22, 30th Jun
After a long and varied career, does the SmackDown franchise still have what it takes to be a contender or is retirement on the cards?
14:03, 27th Jun
Readying up for the real Fallout 3
10:08, 27th Jun
Fans of quirky British fiction rejoice! Sandman and Coraline creator Neil Gaiman's first ever videogame, Wayward Manor, has officially been dated for a 15 July release via Steam...
09:41, 25th Jun
There appears to be trouble afoot at the Crysis developer, with rumours of bankruptcy, problems making payroll and an apparent "exodus" of staff, potentially jeopardising development of Homefront: The Revolution...
09:04, 25th Jun
Tonight, God is a DJ Hero
14:24, 24th Jun
England's only chance to win the big one...
09:12, 23rd Jun
The legendary - and legendarily troubled - game company sets its sights on a new future of online gaming, social casinos, wearable devices and LGBT content...
08:00, 20th Jun
Despite ditching Kinect's skeletal tracking feature to free up 10% of extra GPU power, the new Xbox One XDK still allows the important stuff like voice commands and some camera functions...
08:14, 19th Jun
Grand Theft Auto Online's online Heists have been pushed back further, as Rockstar tells fans "We are very sorry for the delay"...
10:44, 18th Jun
The House That Ryu Built is now open to a shareholder buyout, having chosen not to renew its takeover defense that prevented a hostile takeover by a third party...
08:00, 17th Jun
While the UK games industry is about to benefit from long overdue tax breaks, Quebec - long a brain drain for game development - is about to lose half a billion in gaming subsidies, affecting big companies like Ubisoft...
10:08, 16th Jun
After releasing the HD upgrade Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition for next-generation consoles, Square Enix looks to be putting out a scrubbed-up version of Sleeping Dogs on the Xbone, PS4 and PC in November...
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