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Norwegian press accuses EA of BF3 review fixing

Norwegian press accuses EA of BF3 review fixing
21:18, 19th Oct 2011
EA has incurred the wrath of the Norwegian media, after one of the country's leading mainstream press outlets reported that the publisher is withholding review copies of Battlefield 3 from specialist publications it believes will give it a bad score.

According to NRK (and as translated by BF3Blog), EA has refused to send review copies to specialist gaming publications that have given previous Battlefield games poor scores - including such popular publications as Gamer.no and GameReactor.

Nor have the shady antics ceased there: the publisher has also been vetting those reviewers who will be reviewing the game, requiring their publication to declare such things as whether the reviewer played the recent beta, is a Call of Duty fan, and how they feel about the game in general.

Unsurprisingly, this has attracted criticism from within the wider media in Norway, with such renowned journalists as Gunnar Bodahl-Johansen from Norway's School of Journalism, describing it as "a sad situation for both EA and game journalism that it appears that this is normal."

EA has issued an apology, with local marketing manager Oliver Sveen saying "we have made a mistake and we apologise. This is not something that neither should have happened earlier or what we intend to continue".

Battlefield 3 is out a week on Friday.
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