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Trine 2 added to XBLA marketplace

Trine 2 added to XBLA marketplace
14:45, 22nd Dec 2011
Apparently, it's all about quality and not quantity. That's what Microsoft wants you to think about this week's Xbox Live Arcade update anyway, as just one game has landed on the Marketplace for the run-up to Christmas - however, when it's the delightful Trine 2, we can hardly complain.

Carrying the usual 'top-end' 1,200MSP price tag, Trine 2 is one of those games that can't just be bowled through in a few hours; combining physics puzzles with the ability to use three different characters, either one at a time or in co-op multiplayer, it's a real headscratcher that'll keep you playing for hours. Plus, it's bloody gorgeous to look at which is always a plus. We'll have a review of it up really soon, as we're writing one as we speak...

Meanwhile on the Games On Demand side, something's finally come along that demands your immediate attention. Yes, so the addition of LA Noire (a pricey £24.99) and the Kinect pairing of UFC Personal Trainer (a whopping £39.99!) and Michael Jackson: The Experience (£19.99) is fine, but let's face it... you should really only care about Rock Band 3. Did we mention it's the most brilliant rhythm action game out today? Did we mention it's only £14.99? Considering it's almost impossible to find on the high street, there's really no excuse for not getting it as a Games On Demand title - although obviously, you'll need the relevant instruments to make it work, so there's not much point if you don't at least have an old Guitar Hero or Rock Band guitar to hand, if not the drum kit and microphones too.

As for DLC, the only real points of interest are the addition of a new quest for Dungeon Defenders (The Quest For The Lost Eternia Shards: Part 1, 320MSP), some pretty tasty new missions and characters for Renegade Ops (Coldstrike Campaign, 400MSP or the Reinforcement Vehicle Pack, 240MSP) and, most importantly, the totally free Santa Danger ATV Pack for Joe Danger: Special Edition, which adds a new character AND an ATV that changes how the levels play by being faster and bouncier than the standard motorbike. What's more, this Christmas-themed DLC will be disappearing in the New Year, so now's the time to get it if you don't want to miss out.
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