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Bethesda tries to fix Skyrim... again

Bethesda tries to fix Skyrim... again
12:53, 10th Feb 2012
With a game as big and varied as Bethesda's The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, there are always bound to be a few bugs here and there. And no, we don't mean the giant spiders you clobbered to death earlier for that shiny trinket - we're talking about the kinds of bugs resulting in your NPC companion getting lost, quests not updating, enemies suddenly having the ability to send you flying 5,000ft in the air... that sort of thing. You may remember a recent one (ironically caused by a patch update issued by Bethesda) resulting in a number of dragons flying backwards, looking more like they belonged in a Monty Python sketch rather than terrorising the local villagers.

Thankfully though, Bethesda has been working hard with the swatter and at long last, the new 1.4 bug update for Skyrim has now hit Xbox Live - it'll download automatically the next time you start up the game. Notable fixes include 'general optimisations for memory and performance' and 'memory optimisations related to scripting'. Exciting stuff, right? All in all, the end result is that you'll hopefully get a faster, smoother game with fewer hiccups. So now you can get back to throwing baskets on the heads of townsfolk and looting their houses in peace. Or at least that's what we spend most of our time doing...

A full changelog can be found by clicking here - ignore the references to Steam, the list of changes applies to the Xbox 360 version as well. Now, let's start finding all the things that this new update's managed to break, eh?
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