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SSX demo hits Xbox slopes today

SSX demo hits Xbox slopes today
09:47, 21st Feb 2012
We don't know about you, but next Friday can't come soon enough for us. We've been excited about Electronic Arts' reboot of the SSX franchise for a while now, so knowing that its 2 March release date is just over the horizon makes us very happy indeed. Until then though, we'll be busy showing off our gnarly skills (that's what all the kids still say these days, right?) on the demo of SSX, which has landed on the Xbox Live Marketplace today.

Information from EA itself suggests that the demo promises four different events, two tutorials showing how to play the game and a slice of the skydiving gameplay that sees your character donning a squirrel suit (not a literally squirrel, mind), then plunging through the air to the mountain below. It also has two characters to play as; Zoe Payne is available from the start, while Mac Fraser unlocks if you recommend the demo to a friend via the in-demo link.

True, there's less than two weeks to wait until we get to play the real thing but that's not the point - anything that lets us hit the slopes early gets the thumbs up from us. Expect to see a Demo'd video of it coming really soon...
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