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Win Street Fighter X Tekken goodies!

Win Street Fighter X Tekken goodies!
10:10, 5th Mar 2012
Fighting crossovers are nothing new for Capcom, but Street Fighter X Tekken is bizarre even by its standards. After all, merging two very different beat-'em-ups together into a single game really shouldn't work... and yet it does. In fact, it does it so well that having played this new offering, we might never play another solo affair from the two franchises ever again.

Okay, so maybe we will... but hey, it won't happen for a while.

In any case though, the game's out this coming Friday for those of you who can't wait to get your scrap on, but we've teamed up with Capcom to give five lucky people the chance to get it for free. Yes, that's right - we've got five copies of the game to give away, although one person's going to be extra lucky and also get a fantastic tournament-level arcade stick too, courtesy of Mad Catz. And let's face it, when it comes to fighting games, playing them with an arcade stick really is the only way to go. At least, we think so.

So, those are the prizes, but how do you enter? Through the official 360 Gamer Twitter page, of course! Click here to scoot on over to our page and follow us if you don't already, then look for the Street Fighter X Tekken competition tweet that should be appearing very shortly. When you've found it, retweet it to all your friends and that's it - you're entered! You can retweet it as much as you like from now until the competition closing date at midnight on Friday 9 March, at which point we'll pick out the winners and let you know who they are via Twitter. Good luck everyone!

Usual competition terms and conditions apply.
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