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Deal of the Week #03

Deal of the Week #03
17:01, 9th Nov 2012
This week's 'Deal of the Week' sees Microsoft bringing you the best of bite sized gaming, with some of their favourite Live Arcade games. So whether you fancy dancing with the zombies in single player mayhem, fighting mechanical horrors in multiplayer with your friends, or keeping fit there are plenty of options to go round.

Pick of the Bunch - Guardian Heroes 400 MSP (50% off)

Often considered to be one of the greatest games for the original Sega Saturn console, Guardian Heroes has been updated in HD for the Xbox Live generation. The game allows you to alter the storyline through your actions, choosing multiple paths through the storyline to multiple endings. The Karma meter also plays a large part in the changeable story and alters depending on whether you decide to kill civilians or spare your enemies.

Joy Ride Turbo 400 MSP (50% off)

Joy Ride Turbo is an arcade racer that delivers precision handling and crazy stunts with plenty thrills, speed and mayhem. Jump off cliffs, fire from a cannon and more. There's no limit to the wacky tour de force that you can have with your friends.

Shoot Many Robots 400 MSP (50% off)

From a gun that shoots garden gnome missiles to a tutu that boosts speed and damage, there are hundreds of crazy guns and gear to unlock. You and three friends can team up to exterminate a zillion robots while progressing through tons of missions, facing uncomfortably epic bosses, and levelling up along the way.

All Zombies Must Die! 400 MSP (50% off)

Someone has to take care of all those zombies and who better to do that than a gifted gamer like yourself! Think - in a short while - you could be blasting your way through ranks of brain-hungry monsters, making bizarre weapons and completing crazy quests. Remember, All Zombies Must Die! We need you!

UFC Personal Trainer - Jon Jones Workout Pack 400 MSP (50% off)

Can you challenge yourself to 5 new Workout Routines and 15 new Hit the Mitts drills? Personally designed and used by World Champion Fighter Jon Jones, these workout routines and drills will help you get the Ultimate Workout for the Ultimate UFC Body.

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buy any of this weeks Deal of the Week offers.
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