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10:06, 10th Feb 2012
If the idea of cutting people to ribbons with machetes, chainsaws and shovels (?) appeals but you don't have time to try out Shank 2 - which hit Xbox Live Arcade this week - then let our expert gamers do the work. Yep, it's the latest in our Demo'd series...
11:44, 6th Feb 2012
It may sound too good to be true, but the facts don't lie: anyone with a Silver Xbox Live account who downloads the Mass Effect 3 demo on 14 February will find that they've been upgraded to Gold status. Of course, there's a catch in that it only lasts for a short period of time, but it's better than a kick to the scrotum by Commander Shepard...
09:08, 6th Feb 2012
Wondering what the fast-paced strategic FPS action of the new Syndicate reboot is like, but don't have time to download the demo? Then check out the latest video in our Demo'd series after the click, where our expert gamers take you through Electronic Arts' co-op sampler as only they can...
14:33, 1st Feb 2012
Although Capcom's announcement about Dragon's Dogma release date sees it pushed back to May, the good news is that there's a tempting incentive to buy it. What is it? Well, how about the chance to go hands-on with Resident Evil 6 a full 60 days before any other platform? Sounds pretty good to us...
12:41, 31st Jan 2012
Was our decent review of the latest downloadable content for Dead Island not enough to convince you if it was worth buying or not? Then sit back and enjoy a quick blast of the Ryder White DLC as our expert gamers bring you the latest video in our ongoing Demo'd series...
11:17, 31st Jan 2012
Just to remind you, today's the day that Electronic Arts releases the co-op demo of Syndicate, its FPS reboot of the classic strategy adventure. It's up on the Xbox Live Marketplace right now - we've already downloaded it! - so make sure you get your hands on it as soon as you can. Oh, and it's co-op ONLY, so don't be expecting to play it on your own...
13:28, 30th Jan 2012
Another slice of Demo'd action as last week's Xbox Live Arcade word jumble Quarrel gets put to the test. Suffice to say, we couldn't actually put this one down once we started playing it and as you'll have seen from our review, it's pretty great - still, if you want to see the trial game in action, click through to check out the video.
10:08, 30th Jan 2012
Our Demo'd video series continues with Puddle, last week's liquid-based puzzler which may or may not be your cup of tea depending on how much you like physics. Since you're too busy to find out yourself though, we've downloaded and played the trial game so you don't have to - check out the video of it after the click.
10:50, 19th Jan 2012
Anyone still unsure of EA's decision to re-imagine the classic Syndicate series as an FPS will get the chance to try it out for themselves in the next few weeks, as a four-player co-op demo is being made available on Xbox Live towards the end of January. Fingers crossed it manages to convince the naysayers...
18:56, 18th Jan 2012
Time for another demo playtest courtesy of our Demo'd series, this time in the form of Scarygirl which hit Xbox Live Arcade today. Check out the video after the link to see the entire demo from start to finish, saving you the time to play it yourself... you know it makes sense.
16:48, 18th Jan 2012
We all know how much you're looking forward to playing Mass Effect 3 while shouting squad commands at your Kinect instead of pressing a button. But thanks to the announcement of a playable demo set to arrive on 14 February, it seems you won't have to wait as long as previously thought...
15:43, 18th Jan 2012
Too busy to download the latest demos and trial games from Xbox Live? Then let us do all the hard work for you! In this, the first of our new 'Demo'd' articles, we've played through the entirety of the recent Darkness 2 demo to show you first-hand what it's like, without you even having to lift a finger. Well, except for the finger you'll need to click through for the epic video, that is.
10:38, 12th Jan 2012
Next week's Xbox Live update just got a little creepier, as 2K Games has confirmed that a demo of The Darkness 2 will be landing on your dashboard on 17 January, nearly a month ahead of the game's release on 10 February. And if that's not a good thing, consider this: you'll be getting the demo a full week before PS3 and PC owners do. Ha!
16:43, 10th Jan 2012
Like us, you're probably curious to see just how crazy Capcom's upcoming action-cum-drama game, Asura's Wrath, actually is... if only because it's been heavily pushed on just how crazy it really is. Thankfully, you don't need to wonder any more since a demo has appeared on Xbox Live for Gold members to download. Suffice to say, it should answer your question - not to mention make your head explode. Well, possibly.
12:54, 6th Jan 2012
If you're not quite sold on the upcoming sequel to Final Fantasy XIII, then don't worry - there's a demo coming next week that's determined to change your mind. Whether it will or not is another story, but we're definitely willing to give it a chance...
11:39, 9th Dec 2011
Love fighting games but not sure whether the recently released King Of Fighters XIII is your cup of tea? Well, don't panic - the game recently landed on the XBL Marketplace in demo form, so all you have to do is download it and give it a try. Assuming you can find it on the new dashboard, that is.
11:07, 21st Oct 2011
A joint single and multiplayer demo for Mass Effect 3 is due to arrive in January 2012, "giving fans a taste of what's to come", Bioware has confirmed.
21:06, 18th Oct 2011
If you've got a Kinect gathering dust in front of your telly, get ready to give it a good dusting for a pair of new demos.
12:26, 3rd Oct 2011
Want to take Forza 4 for a spin? Got an Xbox Live Gold sub? Then good news - the Forza 4 demo is now available to download.
11:12, 29th Sep 2011
Good news for anyone pining to take Need for Speed The Run for a spin ahead of its release, as a demo will be arriving on 18 October.
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