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08:52, 14th Jul 2014
EVO 2014 saw Bandai Namco announce Tekken 7, powered by Unreal Engine 4. What this means for the long overdue Tekken x Street Fighter is anybody's guess...
15:47, 9th Jul 2014
In an industry filled with token pre-order "incentives", we'd say Alien: Isolation is doing things just about right.
14:24, 24th Jun 2014
England's only chance to win the big one...
08:00, 17th Jun 2014
While the UK games industry is about to benefit from long overdue tax breaks, Quebec - long a brain drain for game development - is about to lose half a billion in gaming subsidies, affecting big companies like Ubisoft...
10:08, 16th Jun 2014
After releasing the HD upgrade Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition for next-generation consoles, Square Enix looks to be putting out a scrubbed-up version of Sleeping Dogs on the Xbone, PS4 and PC in November...
16:06, 11th Jun 2014
Open-world Zelda! Mii Fighters for Super Smash Bros on Wii U! Yoshi! Toad! Pokemon! Kirby! And maybe one of two game characters that have never appeared on a Nintendo device ever before!
16:14, 10th Jun 2014
It was Sony's turn to take to the stage at E3, and it had plenty of new announcements and stellar sequels up its sleeve, not least the widely anticipated reveal of Uncharted 4.
18:09, 9th Jun 2014
Microsoft kicks off E3 and this year it's been talking purely about the good stuff, with new Tomb Raider and Crackdown games and a heck of a lot more.
14:31, 9th Jun 2014
Sony vehemently denies cancellation of Team Ico's next game, claiming that it is in "full development... unequivocally", following IGN report
10:38, 30th May 2014
Take-Two CEO says that "Red Dead is a permanent franchise" and that BioShock has yet to reach its full potential...
10:06, 29th May 2014
The granddaddy of the FPS genre made its triumphant return last week, with The New Order being the most purchased game across all formats. But it was also the most pirated game across torrent sites...
16:39, 15th May 2014
We all expected it to be coming but Ubisoft has announced Far Cry 4 for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4 and PC - hitting on 21st November this year.
16:27, 14th May 2014
In case you missed it, Microsoft has announced it WILL be releasing a Kinect-free Xbox One after all. Plus there's interesting news on Games with Gold and other incentives for all Xbox owners.
10:11, 12th May 2014
Unless "community-supported options" present themselves, EA will be shutting down the online servers for 50 of its games in June, including entries from popular series like Battlefield, Command & Conquer and FIFA...
15:38, 28th Apr 2014
PopCap's delightful online shooter didn't initially feature microtransactions but FINALLY that omission has been completely fixed.
15:53, 24th Apr 2014
Special missions that were specific to whether you bought MGS5: Ground Zeroes for Xbox or PlayStation will soon be available for everyone
17:25, 17th Apr 2014
Okay, so the headline pretty much covers the basics, but there's bonus content for all and potential discounts for PC gamers ahead of Tropico 5's release next month. Oh, and a new trailer to boot.
17:03, 3rd Apr 2014
Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor has been dated for an 07 October release later this year - we've got a new trailer to prove it and the obligatory pre-order incentives.
13:34, 31st Mar 2014
Either an Xbox Community Manager has a terrible sense of humour or Games for Gold will be offering some AAA action on April the 1st
10:33, 27th Mar 2014
We still don't know when it's coming, or what'll be in it, but we know how much Titanfall's DLC will cost - and we know that new game modes are completely separate and will be downloadable free...
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