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13:57, 25th Apr 2014
Confirmed: Xbox 360 creations will carry over to Xbox One
12:21, 28th Feb 2014
After shooting down a Kickstarter for a Minecraft fan film, Markus "Notch" Persson confirms that an official Minecraft movie is currently in development by the LEGO Movie producer...
09:40, 12th Nov 2013
With Minecraft: Xbox One Edition on its way, and the 360 version one of the biggest games ever to hit the console, there's no better time to check out the 104-minute Minecraft: The Story of Mojang documentary...
16:43, 18th Jun 2013
Zombie survive-'em-up State of Decay has broken the 500,000 barrier in unit downloads, making it the fastest-selling 'original' (so non-Minecraft) XBLA title in history. We did tell you it was good.
10:23, 11th Jun 2013
Microsoft kicked off E3 by revealing the price and release date of the Xbox One, as well as a metric shit-tonne of games - including a brand new Halo, Dead Rising 3, Killer Instinct, Titanfall (from the ex-Infinity Ward guys) and its own LittleBigPlanet-beater, Project Spark...
14:15, 21st Mar 2013
A trailer for Update 9 has been released so come check it out. What do you mean you don't "get" Minecraft? It's a thing of spooky joy!
10:32, 12th Mar 2013
Given that the PC version of Minecraft took the gaming world by storm and has been turning our minds into cubed jelly for three years, it's impossible to not to make comparisons when faced with the chance to build a brave new blocky world on our Xbox 360s. With the countless patches and mods for the PC and a host of fan websites with tips, tricks and wikis on how to build a bazillion things for your own little world, the original game is entrenched in the PC mindset. Fortunately the changes on the 360 are subtle, clever and, most importantly, leave us just as lost in the wilderness as our PC friends.
Tags: Minecraft, PC,
16:45, 22nd Mar 2012
As if the corpse of the Xbox Live Arcade House Party wasn't still warm, Microsoft is already confirming the next four big games for an event ironically titles Arcade NEXT. You want confirmed dates for Trials Evolution, Fable Heroes AND the 360 version of Minecraft? Then you'd better click through, post haste.
09:12, 25th Oct 2011
The 360 port of smash PC/Android indie hit MineCraft will be playable at MineCon next month, developer Mojang has confirmed.
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