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Tag // "Resident Evil 6" »

09:52, 16th Aug 2013
With the outright failure of Operation Raccoon City and the critical and commercial underperformance of Resident Evil 6, Capcom has once again stated its plans to take Resi Evil back to its survival-horror roots with the next game...
09:56, 4th Feb 2013
The Resident Evil developer is ready "to start from scratch and reboot it," after fans crapped on Resi 6 and Operation Raccoon City. "The series returning to its roots is important, and those roots are horror..."
12:01, 31st Jan 2013
Despite the fact that Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City and Resident Evil 6 both failed to set fans' hearts on fire in 2012, it clearly hasn't stopped Capcom from announcing another outing for the beleaguered franchise.
23:15, 2nd Oct 2012
We're fairly confident that the zombie apocalypse won't strike in the next couple of weeks, which thankfully means that you've got plenty of time to play the new Resident Evil game before lawlessness and anarchy takes over. So, in the event that you're still umming and ahhing about whether or not you should buy Capcom's latest zombie outing, here's Adam Tingle with 6 fantastic reasons why you need to own the latest chapter in the Resident Evil series.
14:33, 1st Feb 2012
Although Capcom's announcement about Dragon's Dogma release date sees it pushed back to May, the good news is that there's a tempting incentive to buy it. What is it? Well, how about the chance to go hands-on with Resident Evil 6 a full 60 days before any other platform? Sounds pretty good to us...
09:56, 20th Jan 2012
In a bolt-from-the-blue announcement, Capcom has confirmed that Resident Evil 6 isn't just in development, but is nearly finished and will be arriving on the Xbox 360 on 20 November. Check out the rather impressive reveal trailer after the click... from behind a cushion, of course.
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