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ONE Gamer issue 145
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17:53, 26th Mar 2013
So, BioShock Infinite is out today, and all sorts of awesome it is too. However, if you're looking for something a little less mainstream, we'd like to point you in the direction of Starbreeze's upcoming XBLA adventure Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons.
09:08, 6th Feb 2012
Wondering what the fast-paced strategic FPS action of the new Syndicate reboot is like, but don't have time to download the demo? Then check out the latest video in our Demo'd series after the click, where our expert gamers take you through Electronic Arts' co-op sampler as only they can...
11:17, 31st Jan 2012
Just to remind you, today's the day that Electronic Arts releases the co-op demo of Syndicate, its FPS reboot of the classic strategy adventure. It's up on the Xbox Live Marketplace right now - we've already downloaded it! - so make sure you get your hands on it as soon as you can. Oh, and it's co-op ONLY, so don't be expecting to play it on your own...
10:50, 19th Jan 2012
Anyone still unsure of EA's decision to re-imagine the classic Syndicate series as an FPS will get the chance to try it out for themselves in the next few weeks, as a four-player co-op demo is being made available on Xbox Live towards the end of January. Fingers crossed it manages to convince the naysayers...
17:20, 9th May 2011
Starbreeze's CEO Mikael Nermark has been sounding off about the studio's latest project.
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