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ONE Gamer issue 145
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15:42, 4th Apr 2013
Supped like a fine wine we can detect a combination of vintage flavours in this one - and all are highly evocative of some very good things. It's a game about three characters of various abilities, helping each other out across 2D levels. Ooh, is that 1992's The Lost Vikings we can detect? Yes indeed, heavily so, but with a greater degree of leaping about.
Tags: Trine 2, Xbox, 360
11:10, 6th Jan 2012
Wily wizards, brave knights, crafty thieves and a whole lot of magical physics-based adventure to be had... but is Trine 2 worth your hard-bought Microsoft Points, or should it be left in the bargain cauldron? Click through for our verdict on Frozenbyte's admittedly-beautiful game...
14:45, 22nd Dec 2011
Just one game joining the ranks of Xbox Live Arcade this week, but it's a doozy - the utterly gorgeous, incredibly tricksy physics puzzler Trine 2 is available right now, along with a pretty good selection of Games On Demand and DLC packages.
10:00, 8th Dec 2011
So, the new dashboard's here... hurrah! But in all the kerfuffle, it seems Microsoft forgot to add anything to the XBLA catalogue this week outside of two video previews and some new Games On Demand that you probably don't want anyway. Not exactly inspiring stuff, we have to say.
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