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Demo'd - Syndicate

Demo'd - Syndicate
09:08, 6th Feb 2012
We wouldn't blame you for not having time to play the new Syndicate demo that's currently doing the rounds on the Xbox Live Marketplace - after all, not only do you need to sit and play it, but the co-op only nature of it means you have to find others to play with too. And since that requires planning with your friends (unless you play with strangers... but who wants to do that in a co-op game?), it's almost more time than its worth.

Thankfully, we're here to take the load off; yes, it's another awesome Demo'd video!

Picking up roughly a third of the way through the demo, you'll see us blast through a highly-advanced mercenary camp before trying to take on an uber-tough general armed with... well, you'll see. The video also shows off the fact that Syndicate isn't an easy game, nor is it one where you can just storm in with all guns blazing; you need care and planning too, especially if you want to keep everyone alive.

So, sit back and enjoy the action - if you like what you see, Syndicate is out on Xbox 360 on 24 February.
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