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Demo'd - Mass Effect 3

Demo'd - Mass Effect 3
09:29, 21st Feb 2012
Sorry it's taken us a little while to get this new Demo'd video up - blame the trains. Or the government. Or your mother. We don't mind... but it definitely wasn't our fault. Really.

Anyway, we're going to be super-kind and give you a quick warning about our Mass Effect 3 Demo'd videos: they show a good chunk of the story for Mass Effect 3, so expect minor spoilers. Taken by our expert gamers, this lengthy demo all kicks off by allowing you to fully create your own character and pick his 'past life' to give you a more personalised experience.

The demo allows you to take part in two missions within the Mass Effect 3. The first you take part in as ol' Commander Shepard seems to be right at the beginning of the game when all hell kicks off and Earth and every other civilization within a few hundred light years is steam rolled by the Reapers, while the second takes place significantly later on in the game and is much more action-orientated as you try to free a Krogan who has been captured. They're both great though and well worth watching... well, unless you're determined not to spoil anything for yourself. In which case, you might want to just wait a week until the game comes out for real...

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